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Why It’s Important to Properly Prepare Items for Dry Cleaning
Monday, December 14, 2020

Adequately preparing your clothes before dry cleaning will ensure your items are cleaned to your satisfaction. Here are some tips for preparing clothes to go to the cleaners.

Choose the right clothes to have dry cleaned

The care tags on your clothes will tell you whether or not an item can be dry cleaned. Those that can will have the labels “machine wash or dry clean” or “dry clean only.”Some clothes that may be dry cleaned may also have special instructions for handling. Separate these from the rest. If you make it easy for the cleaner to identify clothes with special needs, you are more likely to get the result you expect.

Empty pockets

Even though cleaners try to check all pockets before dry cleaning, some garments have hidden pockets they may not find. Things like chewing gum, ink pens and lipstick can damage clothes. Please make sure to empty all pockets before garments head to the dry cleaner.

Mark stained areas

Make sure that stains can be easily identified. Marking these stains can be done by sticking a bit of masking tape over or near the stain. Pins can also be used.Take away the guessworkThere are different ways to effectively remove stains. Choosing the right method will usually depend on what caused the stain. Telling the cleaners what caused the stain will help them choose the most effective way to remove it while keeping the rest of the clothing in top condition.

Take in your dry cleaning early

The best time to have a garment cleaned is as soon after it is soiled as possible. The longer dirt and stains stay on clothing, the harder they will be to remove.

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