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What Items Should be Taken to the Dry Cleaner?
Friday, August 21, 2020

To help make your laundry life a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of garments that should always be taken to the dry cleaners. We know that lots of tags say “dry clean only”...but these absolutely are a MUST: 

1. Anything with embellishments
Because sequins, beads, and metal studs are often hand-stitched to clothing or simply hanging by a thread, putting them through a home washing machine will likely end in disaster. For a deep clean that won’t jeopardize the details, drop your bedazzled stuff off at the dry cleaners.

2. Dark colored silks
Although some can endure hand washing, those that are darker in color have a tendency to bleed and stain not only other clothing, but the sink/tub. 

3. Suits
When stains won’t come out of your suit, or you’ve worn it one too many times and it’s all stretched out,  take your suits to the dry cleaners. It will add years to their life.

4. Super-stained items
Professional dry cleaners use powerful degreasers, soaps and solvents. So no matter how stained your items are, it’s nothing a professional cleaner can’t handle. 

5. Fragile or synthetic materials

Certain fabrics are prone to shrinking, like rayon and chiffon. Don’t try to clean these at home, even if the label says you can hand wash. Leave these fragile fabrics to the pros to preserve your garments. 

6. Anything with a lining
An easy rule of thumb to remember is that anything with a proper lining—dresses, jackets, skirts, etc.—needs to be dry cleaned. Because water alone can break apart their interlinings, your lined garments should only be trusted with a professional.

7. Leather and suede
Leather and suede are some of your most expensive jackets. Don’t try to clean these at home. Take these to the pros who will protect and preserve your garments. 

8. Furs

Although wearing animal fur is a subject of fierce debate, any fur that has skin on the underside should not be washed at home since the skin will shrink and dry out when exposed to water. Additionally, vintage furs (like mink coats or fox stoles) are very delicate and can become dry and brittle, and therefore should be handled by a professional only.

Contact Appearance Plus today to handle any of these dry cleaning needs.!


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