Appearance Plus Cleaners Cincinnati Ohio

If you believe "dry cleaning is dry cleaning," and that one cleaner is just as good as another, don't be fooled! At Appearance Plus, we never short- cut the cleaning process like other dry cleaners often do. Using less detergent, worn out cleaning fluids, or poorly done pre-treating just isn't the way good dry cleaning gets done. We take pride in making our customers happy and totally satisfied. So everyone feels like they are getting the best personal service and the best possible cleaning- all at an affordable price.

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Appearance Plus 'Cares with Coats' Breaks Collection Goal

Local Drycleaner Ensures a Warmer…
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Got Stains? Don't rub the stain. Blot the stain. Get the garment to the cleaners as soon as possible.

Laundry Basket

Free home pickup and delivery.
Imagine no more laundry hassles! No trips to the basement with overflowing baskets, no chasing runaway socks, no more tiresome folding and stacking. With Laundry Basket, we'll pick up your general household laundry, clean it, then deliver it back to you dryer fresh and carefully folded.

Clean clothes without the song & dance.
Get your clothes expertly laundered in just 3 easy steps. After a quick and easy sign-up, you will be on your way...

  1. Schedule a pickup by calling Appearance Plus at 513.231.5540
  2. Fill your Laundry Basket (provided) with washables and your drycleaning bag (also provided) with drycleaning items. Leave your tub and bag outside for pick-up along with any special instructions... you don't even need to be home!
  3. We clean, fold, and package your laundry into a fresh tub and hang your drycleaning. Everything is delivered back to your home... fresh, sorted, and ready to wear.


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