Go Green

Recycle and Upcycle with Appearance Plus!

Appearance Plus is proud to be an enviromentally safe cleaners that has been promoting recycling since we opened in 1984! We recycle all of your hangers and the plastic bags that protect your clothes. Each of our retail locations have a recycle station in which you can drop off your hangers and plastic. For our delivery customers, please feel free to leave them out for your route service representative to pick up and we will take care of the rest! For each full hanger caddy you bring or send back we will take $1.00 off your next order. We are proud to embrace the universal message of doing our share to be GREEN. Some other household uses for the plastic: use it as garbage bag liners, to protect your floors during craft projects, use them to stuff your "poofy" valances, or simply use them to tie your recyclable hangers as you transport them to Appearance Plus.