Ask the Experts

Got Stains? Don't rub the stain. Blot the stain. Get the garment to the cleaners as soon as possible. Never use home remedies on a dry clean garment. Taking this risk could result in color loss, or ring marks around the stain.

Stuck Zipper
Using zipper wax is an ideal solution, but when your in a pinch, chapstick will work.

Perspiration Marks
Very often perspiration marks cause fabric damage resulting in color loss. Appearance Plus Cleaners pre treats for these perspiration marks to slow down the damage process.

Muddy Pants
If the pants can be laundered, this is the best solution to getting mud out of the garment. However, if they are dry clean only, bring them to the cleaner and leave the pre treating to us. We have special chemical agents that will break down the mud.

Frayed Collars
Over time, dress shirts show a lot of wear in the cuffs and collars. We can help extend the life of the shirt by having the collar turned by our alterations specialist.